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 (𝟳𝟱𝟮𝟵✚ Reviews)
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 (𝟳𝟱𝟮𝟵✚ Reviews)
Regular price Rs. 899.00
Regular price Rs. 899.00 Sale price Rs. 1,799.00
SAVE Rs. 900 Sold out

Component self-spraying king, waterproof film forming. It is specially developed for waterproofing repair of pipe roots, pipe openings, corners, roof cracks, slotted wiring, and other weak and leaky points.


Features :

  • It is Perfect for permanent fixing of cracks and gaps. 
  • It is ideal for ideal for either general maintenance or emergency repairs on roofs, drip pans, swamp coolers, cooling towers, gutters, downspouts, flashing, PVC drainage pipe, ductwork, pipes, hoses etc..
  • Stops leaks fast
  • Provides permanent waterproof seal

  • Dries to a smooth firm finish
  • Water proof and withstand High Temperature
  • It is ideal for leakage bindings on many roofing materials 
  • It is effective in sealing various parts of a cars or vehicle, including the edges of the roof.
  • Healthy and environmentally friendly,
  • Durable and Long Lasting.
  • Easy to Use. 

 1. Clean up the base surface, remove surface dust, remove impurities and dirt, and keep the surface solid and clean.
 2. Treatment of large seams: if more than 5MM seams are covered with fiberglass before construction.
 3. Construction method: Shake the bottle before use, spray evenly on the construction base, and spray once again after an hour ( 2 sprayings are recommended )
 4. Waiting for curing: The surface drying time is 20-30 minutes, and the curing time is about 24 hours, depending on the actual curing words.

Be careful

 1. For unknown materials, please try spraying on a small area first, and it can be used if there is no adverse reaction after 10 minutes;
 2. When spraying, the aerosol can be kept upright and the angle with the horizontal plane must not be less than 45 degrees
 3. During construction, please keep air circulation and face the leeward to construct. The base surface is dry and dust-free, which is conducive to the spraying effect. Please do not construct in the rainy weather and severe cold environment
 4. This product is forbidden to be used by minors, so as to avoid the danger of spraying into the eyes, nose, mouth, and other organs
 5. Keep the temperature in a cool and dry place with a temperature of 0-40℃ during storage, away from heat sources and open flames, and strictly prohibit exposure to the sun, puncture, or incineration of the jar
 6. The part where the gap is larger than 2MM needs to be filled first.
 1. If it is accidentally sprayed on the skin, please wash it repeatedly with soap until it is completely diluted and dissolved
 2. If splashed into the eyes, rinse immediately with clean water and ask a doctor for a diagnosis
 3. If you accidentally inhale the contained gas during use, if you have chest tightness or have difficulty breathing, please take a deep breath in the air circulation. If the symptoms are still not alleviated, ask for help from a doctor as soon as possible.
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