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Motivational Water Bottle

Motivational Water Bottle

 (𝟳𝟱𝟮𝟵✚ Reviews)
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Motivational Water Bottle

Motivational Water Bottle

 (𝟳𝟱𝟮𝟵✚ Reviews)
Regular price Rs. 999.00
Regular price Rs. 999.00 Sale price Rs. 1,999.00
SAVE Rs. 1,000 Sold out

Meet The Motivation 64 OZ. Water Bottle!

Are you having a hard time drinking enough water throughout the day? Stay hydrated in style with the Ombre Motivation water bottle. This bottle features printed messages on the side that remind you to keep drinking!

Stay Motivated Stay Hydrated

3 Reasons why you should choose Motivational Bottles

Are you drinking enough water everyday?

Often busy with work all the time or looking after your family, you forget to drink enough water. This can hamper your health, as water forms a vital part of many body functions.

The Motivational Water Bottle helps fix your daily hydration game! Its innovative time markings give you hourly reminders. They tell you it’s time you get yourself a refreshment break and drink some water!

Tired of water bottles that reek of plastic after a few day’s use?

Do you find the taste of water stored in your bottle changing after an hour or two? In some cases, they also give off a typical plastic smell. This kills the desire to drink water. All parts of the Water Bottle are made from superior, food-grade reusable tritan. No chance of any chemicals leaching into your bottle.

Little sips of energy drinks boost overall health

The Water Bottle has a wide mouth opening. It enables you to add fruit slices and protein powders in the bottle easily. Working non-stop may get you mental fatigue. Take out your bottle and treat yourself with a refreshing energy drink. It is also the best companion for little trips. Either to the gyms or cycling, camping, hiking, etc.


  • Its Functional Design

    Highly portable and meet all your daily needs by making you stand classy
  • Motivational & Time Marker

    It comes with a unique inspirational quote and time markers.
  • Ergonomically designed

    Tough carry strap
  • Spill-proof Sipping

    It has a pop-up silicone straw to protect your teeth.
  • 100% shatterproof

  • The BPA-free bottle

    Is easy to clean and features a strap for on-the-go adventures and a straw for spill-proof drinking.
  • Freezer safe

  • Leakproof

    Airtight Silicone Lid gasket guarantees that bottle will never leak
  • Eco-friendly bottle

  • Removable filter

    easy to infuse fruit or tea in your drink

Made for the Bold

What's up Timer Bottle


The innovative time water bottles make staying hydrated effortless and fun with motivational quotes and friendly reminders. The 32oz bottle will meet your daily needs while also making you stand out with its classy style.


Our luxury quality BPA free water bottle will keep you miles away from potential risks. The top-grade Tritan plastic is toxin-free and odorless, so use it without worrying about yourself or the environment. So simply refill and reuse anytime you like.


Achieving small hydration goals will be a breeze with time marked water bottle, thanks to its 12 timestamps and measurement of up to 32oz in both fluid ounces and liters. In addition, it features a wide mouth and a top cover that opens with a push-button.

Easy to Clean

Detach the cap from the bottle & rinse.


  • Product Name:

    Motivational Water

  • Model Number:


  • Color:

    Mix Color

  • Product Size:


  • Body Material:

    Food-grade ABS/Tritan

  • Product Weight:



Fits your backpack side pockets!


Offers top quality

BPA Free, Tritan Free, a resuable water bottle


The Perfect choice

Our Slursh timer motivational bottle is a practical and effective way of making sure that the body stays properly hydrated throughout the day. It keeps the water intake at optimum levels while protecting the environment. Helps you fix your daily hydration game.


Makes you enjoy a premium quality

The Slursh Timer Motivational Bottle is made up using superior quality and highly durable materials. It’s a combination of BPA-free Tritan and stainless-steel lid which are easy to clean and guarantee to hydrate water bottles.


Convenient Time-Marker

Water bottles that keep water cold all day long-lasting motivational with drink water bottle reminder, your perfect incentive to accurately track your water intake and keep your body hydrated no matter where you are


One-Click Open

Simply opening the spout with only one hand, helps you easily drink.


Modern, stylish, & elegant

Order Slursh Timer Motivational water bottle, and you can be sure to win the appreciation. It has an elegant and sleek design that is easy to match with any outfit and adds a modern touch to your everyday style.


Multipurpose and Versatile

Whether during workouts, at the office, at school, while traveling, on vacation, or simply at home, this daily timed 32 oz water bottle is lightweight and portable, fitting nicely in your backpack or gym bag.

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