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Ice Facial Roller

Ice Facial Roller

 (𝟳𝟱𝟮𝟵✚ Reviews)
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Ice Facial Roller

Ice Facial Roller

 (𝟳𝟱𝟮𝟵✚ Reviews)
Regular price Rs. 799.00
Regular price Rs. 799.00 Sale price Rs. 1,799.00
SAVE Rs. 1,000 Sold out



Why is this the best facial in the world?

  1. Solves nearly all common skin troubles of every day life. 
  2. It's fully customizable and reusable to work the best for YOU! Rejuvenate and refresh your skin with a variety of fruits, veggies, essential oils and serums.
  3. It's easy and takes no time to give yourself the pampering spa treatment at home you deserve, even on the busiest of days! 


  1. Ice massage helps lift the skin, tighten & shrink pores, reduce inflammations and more
  2. Add your own ingredients to the mold for a better ice facial massage experience
  3. Versatile design is perfect for use on sun burns, bruises, fever, and even eye bags
  4. Easy to use - pour water and your favorite ingredients into the mold, put into the refrigerator, and use once it freezes!

How to use The Ice Roller™ For the easiest use:

  • With a closed bottle, through the small hole on the top, fill with clean filtered water to the top. Then give it a slight shake.
  • Put standing upright in your freezer, and leave overnight, or for 4-6 hours depending on your freezer temperature. 
  • It's ready to go, and you're all set for the best facial of your life!

Fruits and veggies infusion

Cut up 1/4 cucumber into small cubes, and place inside the bottom part of THE ICE ROLLER. Fill then with water as usual, shake well, and freeze overnight - ready for use in the morning!

EASY TO USE: Fill the ice roller with water & customize it by adding some ingredients like milk, cucumber, lemon, aloe vera etc. Once frozen. rinse it with water & wait for 3-4 minutes. Then apply the ice to your skin in 30 second intervals in circular motions.

SKIN BOOST: Use the ice roller for an instant wake-me-up, eliminate under eye puffiness, boost hydration, brighten complexion, tighten and shrink pores, stimulate blood circulation, and reduce inflammation.

MULTIPURPOSE & VERSATILE: Customize the face ice roller formula according to your specific skin needs, such as tomato for anti-tan, green tea for inflammation, cucumber for toning, and coconut for anti- ageing. You can use the pulp or juice of various fruits, herbs, essential oils etc and give yourself a facial massage.

CONTOUR & SCULPT: An Ideal ice roller for face, for your own personal ice facial. Rub ice face roller all over your face, to contour, sculpt and lift skin for smoother appearance.

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