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Talking Flash Card

Talking Flash Card

 (𝟳𝟱𝟮𝟵✚ Reviews)
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Regular price Rs. 1,399.00 Sale price Rs. 2,700.00
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Talking Flash Card

Talking Flash Card

 (𝟳𝟱𝟮𝟵✚ Reviews)
Regular price Rs. 1,399.00
Regular price Rs. 1,399.00 Sale price Rs. 2,700.00
SAVE Rs. 1,301 Sold out

Engages your baby in early learning in most creative way

Stay away your baby from smartphone addiction and teach new words in an interactive and creative way.

Interactive learning while playing - best montessori toy for 0-6 year old kids.

Why you will love this

Interactive Learning Experience for Kids

Easiest way to learn 224 words in 12 categories with correct pronunciation and sound. Once you insert the card into the machine it pronounces the word written on the card. Apart from that it makes the sound of the animal or vehicle. So that your kid learns and remembers it correctly.

Improves brain development and helps in early learning

Helps to learn new words, figures and colors with correct pronunciation and sound. It helps your child to remember easily for a long time. This can be used as an early learning toy or Montessori toy which helps to learn in a fun and attractive way. So that your kids enjoy the learning and eventually become smarter. 

Funny and interactive gift

Some animals, vehicles produce sounds to satisfy children’s curiosity. Children imitate it - very funny and interactive teaching. Best for children of working parents.

Encourage your baby to talk

It encourages the toddler to repeat the word. Lots of our customers have reported that their kids who were not talking till a certain age have started talking after using this. Your baby tries to imitate the sound and eventually learns to talk faster.

Compact size, easy to carry

Its compact size helps to use it easily. It can easily fit in bags so that your baby can even take it to the park or school or to a friend's place.

Protects your baby from smartphone addiction and radiation

This Talking Flashcards helps to reduce smartphone addiction. Children enjoy playing with it for long hours. The machine doesn’t have any kind of screen so it protects your baby’s eyes.

Smartest and best gift for kids

Non toxic and safe for babies

The flashcards and card reader machine is made of non toxic and odorless and ensures safety for your baby.

Easy to use - no complex functionalities

Turn on the switch, insert any card and it pronounces the word with its sound. There is a repeat button. To listen to the sound press the button.

However some cards like the ones with a photo of mother, father, doctor, nurse etc do not make any sound. Cards with photos of animals, vehicles etc make sound.

Long lasting Rechargeable In built LI-ION battery

It comes with a long lasting inbuilt rechargeable battery. So that you can recharge it using your laptop, computer, powerbank and obviously from plug and sockets.

Charging time is 50-80 minutes.

It can run upto 5 hours with a single charge.

Long standby and working time makes sure you don’t have to charge it over and over again.

How to use

What comes with the box

  • Card Reader Machine - 1 pc
  • Double sided Flashcards x 112 pc - total 224 words
  • 1 USB Charging Cable
  • 1 User Manual
Make your child's early learning fun with HeyLife's Talking Flash Card.
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